Car Won’t Start

Car Won’t Start

There is definitely a problem if your car won’t start. Here we discover common reasons why a car won’t start so you can troubleshoot the problem and get you car starting again.

Battery is Dead

A dead battery is the most common reason why a car won’t start. Batteries die overtime, especially in Arizona where it gets hot. Batteries only last about 2 years in Arizona.

Furthermore, if you hear a clicking noise, this is the sign the battery is not sending enough power to the starter. Simply replace your battery and your car should start fine.

Ignition Switch Not Working

If you have plenty of power in the vehicle but the car won’t start, it could be a defective ignition switch. Replacing the ignition switch will get it back working again.

Bad Alternator

Your alternator is what charges your battery. It’s actually hard to tell if the alternator is bad or not because it will give off symptoms of a dead battery. However, you can simply go to Auto Zone for a free battery and alternator check to narrow down the culprit.

Starter Went Bad

The car won’t start at all if your starter went bad. A bad starter will produce a clicking noise. Try replacing your battery before replacing the starter.

Fuel Filter is Clogged

A clogged fuel filter will not allow fuel to make it into the engine. You can tell your fuel filter is clogged if you try starting the engine and it tries to crank but never fully starts running. That means you have plenty of power but no fuel coming to the engine. Changing your fuel filter might get the car running again.

Empty Gas Tank

You need gas for your car to run. We’ve seen numerous people run out of gas and think there is something wrong with their car. Make sure you are not on E before visiting a mechanic.

Steering Wheel Is Locked

The ignition becomes locked if your steering wheel is locked. Try putting your foot on the brake, turn the wheel, and then try to turn the ignition.

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