If you’re searching for auto repair in Scottsdale, Bridwell Automotive Center is here to help!  We are a full service auto repair shop with Master ASE Auto Repair Technicians.  We provide auto repair services for all brands of vehicles, both domestic and import brands. We offer all types of auto repair services including: brake repair, auto ac repair, transmission repair, engine repair, emission repair, power steering repair, and suspension repair to name a few.  Receive the very best auto repair service in Scottsdale from out auto repair shop located at 7171 E Lincoln Dr. Scottsdale, Arizona 85253.

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Prevent wear and tear

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and our preventative auto maintenance service helps save you money.  Preventative maintenance includes doing oil changes, changing wiper blades, inspecting tires, all vehicle fluids, and the overall condition of the vehicle to find parts that are reaching the end of their useful life.  Repairing or replacing these items prevents breakdowns and calling tow trucks.  In addition when problems are caught small the cost of repairs are nearly always less than if problems get worse and affect the vehicle more. Learn more about: preventative maintenance.

Brake Repair & Brake Pad Replacement

Confident & safe driving

Your brakes are one of the major safety systems on your vehicle.  They help you avoid accidents when people pull out in front of you and stops you at every light and stop sign.  Ensure that your brakes are in good condition to drive with confidence that your vehicle is road worthy.  It’s also important to get your brake pads replaced before your brakes wear through to the rotors and cause more expensive repairs.  Learn more about: brake repair.


Shift smoother & get better MPG

Transmissions that are jerking, slipping, not shifting, or are completely out of order need trained hands that are skilled in transmission repair.  Our ASE Certified team will help you find out what’s wrong with your automatic or manual transmission and offer affordable repair quotes to get you back on the road.  Don’t ignore your transmission problems as they will get worse and cost you more in repairs.  Learn more about: transmission repair.


Keep your engine cool to prevent damage

Your radiator’s job is to keep your engine cool.  The internal combustion engine creates a lot of heat and needs to have coolant circulated through it and cooled by the radiator.  If your radiator is leaking, clogged, or otherwise not working correctly your engine can and will overheat causing serious damage.  If the engine seizes it usually requires replacement which is much more costly than just getting radiator repair services.  Learn more about: radiator repair.


Stay cool and comfortable

Arizona is known for heat and having your auto ac working is a must.  If your ac compressor is out, you need your ac coolant recharged or any other type of auto ac repair our team can help!  We offer a $39.95 AC Inspection service to find problems with your air conditioning system.  If you do need auto ac repair the fee for inspection is applied to your repair bill.  Learn more about: auto ac repair.

How Often Should I Get An Oil Change?

Experts agree that drivers should get an oil change every 3,000-7,000 miles or every three months. Refer to your owner’s manual to check the needs of your specific make and model.

What To Do When Check Engine Light Comes On?

A number of issues can cause your check engine light to turn on. It could be something serious or something basic, such as a loose gas cap. Taking your car into a shop for an inspection is the best way to ensure safety.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

Most vehicles feature two air filters; one for the engine and one for the cabin. It is suggested to change the filters about every 30,000 miles. Check the filter(s) periodically to see if a replacement is needed.

What Type Of Oil Do I Need?

The best way to check on the specific oil your vehicle needs is by referring to the owner’s manual. Your owner’s manual will let you know if the car needs conventional or synthetic oil.

When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

Standard batteries are projected to last between three and five years. Several variables, though, can influence battery life. If your vehicle has trouble starting or your lights begin to dim, these are signs you may need a new battery.

How Often Should I Have Brakes Checked?

Check your brakes at every chance you get, since brake pads are essential for maintaining stopping power.

When Should I Get My Tires Rotated?

Have a professional rotate your tires every 6,000-8,000 miles or every six months.

It’s quick and easy to schedule your auto repair in Scottsdale with Bridwell Automotive Center.  Give us a call to discuss the type of vehicle you have and what type of repair is needed.  If your vehicle isn’t in condition to be driven we will help you find a towing service to get it to our auto repair shop.  So next time your brakes start to squeal, your car jerks at lights, or you’ve found fluid all over the ground give your Scottsdale Auto Repair experts a call at (480) 948-4781.