No company stays in business this long without a commitment to serving its customers, continual investment in its expertise and offerings, and sound business practices. We are grateful to our community for its support and patronage and pledge to provide the best automotive service and repair we can. We are proud of Bridwell’s history and lineage, those who built our thriving business and those who continue its mission. The Bridwell story is part of Scottsdale’s history and remains the only truly and totally full service gas station in the State of Arizona! Read more to learn about our family, our top-notch auto technicians and the values that have made our automotive center grow and thrive.




Bill Bridwell Sr. grew up in Carlsbad, New Mexico and graduated from Carlsbad High School. Two years later, Bill was riding in a rodeo where he asked Delora Montgomery to marry him. Our part of the Bridwell family was started. Bill opened his first Chevron Gas Station as the owner and chief mechanic. After a successful start-up, Bill sold his business and began looking for a new opportunity. Bill went to work for a diesel power plant of the Potash Company of America while also working to earn a degree in Power Plant Engineering. Over the next two years Bill had two boys, Bill Jr. and Lloyd, and earned a degree in Stationary Diesel Engineering. All was well! In 1957 Bill accepted a job as a Technician Specialist, Physical Science Laboratory at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico. The project was Field Test, fusing devices for warheads on missiles at White Sands Missile Range. Bill was quickly promoted to Chief Technician and assistant to the Chief Engineer. In 1959 Bill was promoted to Field Representative at Yuma Test Station in Arizona, coordinating all solid fuel missile tests in Yuma.

Because of his experience gained in Yuma, Bill was offered a position as Systems Test Specialist with General Electric Co. at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. He was assigned to a “Special Black Covert Satellite Program” where the function was to monitor, record and provide Data Reduction for satellite tests. “In 1962 our satellite equipped with cameras filmed Russia placing missiles in Cuba in an event known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was living it firsthand!” said Bill. “My wife Delora and my four boys did not know what I did for a living all those 50 years. Our group received Commendations from Brigadier General John L. Martin Jr. USAF for our work in spotting Russia with the missiles.” In July 1967 Bill accepted a position with General Electric working on The Manned Orbiting Laboratory Project as Manager of Development, Sub System I Laboratory. President Nixon canceled The Manned Orbiting Laboratory in favor of the Earth Satellite Research project. That led to Bill changing jobs to the GE Computer Division in Phoenix, AZ. Later, Bill had three offers to take the Development Lab for the Earth Satellite Research Lab, which is still an on-going satellite program. Bill turned down that offer, took his vested rights, and chose early retirement.

In 1971, Bill studied companies that GE research had shown to have high potential for profitable returns with little investment. Gasoline service stations emerged as one of the best ideas. This was of no interest to the big boys, but for a small operator in the right location, there was an opportunity to do quite well. Bridwell and Sons Texaco was born. Bill Jr was in college, Lloyd was a Junior in high school, Lane was 13 and in eighth grade and Terry was 7 at that time. Bill thought it would be a great way to put the entire family through college and that his children would learn a lot in the family business. Let her rip! In a short time, they added Bridwell and Son’s Texaco Station at Granite Reef and Chaparral. A little over year later, Bridwell’s Texaco at Lincoln and Scottsdale Road was opened. In 3 more years, Bridwell’s NAPA Parts Store at Shea and Scottsdale Rd. was added. Shortly afterwards, they opened a new location of Bridwell’s Mobil at Shea and Scottsdale Roads. A little while later, Bridwell’s Automotive and Trim Shop at 2nd Street opened, then Bridwell’s Texaco at 2nd St. and Scottsdale Rd. Our best business has always been Bridwell Automotive Center at Lincoln and Scottsdale Road. We are proud to still offer quality full service gas and automotive repair services 47 years later. Thank you to our treasured customers for allowing us to serve you these many years!



Lane Bridwell has lived in Scottsdale since 1969, his 8th grade year. (He moved to Scottsdale in the summer of 69, what a great year!) He graduated from Scottsdale High School and then got a Business Management degree from Arizona State University. Lane grew up in the auto repair business that his father Bill opened in 1970. He worked in several family auto repair businesses until 1985, when he bought into what was then called Lincoln Plaza Texaco, later changed to Bridwell Automotive Center. During Lane’s early years in Scottsdale, he volunteered as a youth football coach with the Scottsdale Boys and Girls Clubs and continued for more than 25 years. Along with youth sports and raising two sons, Jamie and Cory, Lane volunteered with the Scottsdale Jaycees and the Parada del Sol Rodeo for more than 20 years, serving on the Rodeo Board of Directors and as Parada Boss in 1988 and 2003.

In 2006 Lane went back to school at the University of Phoenix and received a Masters Degree in Secondary Education, building on the business, computer and communication knowledge that is required in his role as President and General Manager of Bridwell Automotive Center. Lane did his student teaching, as well as coaching, at Saguaro High School in Scottsdale. He was the scout coach for offense during a memorable 28-0 season and through two state championships. Working in the family business early on, Lane was mainly involved in the accounting department, but he decided to develop his technical expertise and so became an ASE Certified Technician and Service Writer. Keeping up with today’s cars is a never-ending process involving on-the-job training from our ASE Certified Master Technicians along with ongoing classes that teach the new technologies of the modern automobile. Today, Lane continually works at keeping himself fully knowledgeable about the cars we work on and trying to keep up with his five-year-old granddaughter Lila, who was named after his paternal grandmother.



Terry Bridwell has spent most of his life in Scottsdale since his arrival in 1969, his 4th grade year. He attended Loloma Elementary and Cocopah Middle School. He Graduated from Chaparral High School in 1978. Terry grew up working in the family business since the 8th grade. He was managing one of our service stations at the age of 19 and his father Bill Bridwell taught him the ins and outs and the hard working ethics of owning and operating a service station. He carries on that tradition today. Terry’s father taught him to always give back to your community for the blessings you have received. Terry coached Boys Club youth football with his brother Lane. He joined the Scottsdale Jaycees, “a Young Person’s Leadership Training Organization,” in 1984, where he served in many positions such as Vice President 1986 and President in 1987-1988 and as a state Vice President 1989. In 1992 Terry was asked to serve on the Boy’s Club Board of Directors to help manage and support all the activities of the club. Terry’s motto today is from the Jaycee Creed, “Service to humanity is the best work of life.”

In 1994, while remaining a co-owner of Bridwell Automotive, Terry left the managing of the service stations to work in the family real estate business in Casa Grande, Arizona. He received his Real Estate License in 1994 and still carries it today. In 2003 he opened Bridwell Investments LLC, a real estate remodeling and holding company, as the Managing Partner, along with his brother Lane and mother and father. In 2008 Terry came back to the family business, managing the front end of our service station where we are a Full Service Gas Station giving “old fashion” service to our customers. Terry and his wife of 40 years, Laura Bridwell, have 3 daughters and 8 grandchildren. You can find Terry out front helping our customers most days of the week.


We are proud to be the only remaining full service gas station in the entire Arizona area, proudly offering Sinclair Gasoline from an American-owned and operated company.