Clutch Repair Costs 2021

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The average price to replace your clutch can cost anywhere around $1,324 in the United States for the year 2021. The average price of a clutch replacement ranges from $1,229 to $1,419, according to

Clutch Replacement Labor Pricing Estimate

Pricing for labor comes in around $526 and $664. The pricing can vary depending on specific mechanical parts needed; costing anywhere from $703 to $755.

What Are Vehicle Clutches?

Typically, clutches are found in manual vehicles. In short, the clutch gives the engine power towards the central transmission, which enables the wheels to rotate.

How Do Vehicle Clutches Work?

When the car is in gear, there is a power distribution between the engine and the clutch that gets sent into the transmission. Releasing tension off the clutch ceases the clutch disc that causes the friction inside the vehicle. This is powered by a flywheel, and the clutch gets disconnected, allowing you to shift gears from your transmission.

Diagnosing Clutch Problems

A clutch that beings to fail will slip or start to shudder. In some cases it can be unusually difficult to press down on the pedals. Shifting gears can be much more difficult, as well. The engine of the vehicle can rev, but will not go any faster or remain immobile.

  • Vehicle functionality will take a toll and slow down much more than usual. The engine begins to race, and the vehicle can be difficult to reverse or even shift into gears.
  • Bangs and popping noises indicate some sort of problem. The clutch could be causing the noise.
  • Pedals may be indicators of issues, as well. The pedals could possibly chatter, or vibrate to a certain degree.

 When Do I Need To Replace My Clutch?

Replacing your clutch ultimately depends on the vehicle and your personal driving style. Clutches can be worn down over time, much like brake pads, although clutches last a lot longer. They can still wear down, but some do last beyond 100,000 vehicle miles.

Is It Okay to Drive with Clutch Problems?

Not usually, no. In most instances, it’s almost impossible to maneuver with a worn out or broken clutch. Yes, your transmission shifts into gear, but having your worn-out clutch will make it difficult to maneuver the vehicle.

Our team of professionals is ready to help you replace your clutch at any time needed. Feel free to schedule an appointment online and we would be more than happy to help you out.

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How Much Does A Clutch Replacement Cost?

How Much Does a Clutch Replacement Cost?

On average, clutch replacement costs about $1,324 in the US for 2020, clutch replacement costs can range from $1,229 to $1,419 according to, and other sources.

Labor Estimates for a Clutch Replacement

Labor price estimates range between $526 and $664, while parts prices range between $703 and $755. Estimates don’t include taxes and fees.

What is a Vehicle Clutch?

Clutches are used in vehicles that have manual transmissions. They transfer the power the engine makes to the transmission, causing the vehicles wheels to turn.

How Does it Work?

When the vehicle is in gear, power is exchanged from the engine to the clutch into the transmission. Depressing the clutch pedal releases the clutch friction disc from the vehicle’s flywheel, briefly disconnecting the engine from the transmission, allowing the vehicle to shift between gears.

What are Symptoms Related to a Bad Clutch?

A failing clutch could shudder or slip, or it may be unusually hard to depress the pedal. Changing gears can become harder. The vehicle’s engine may rev but won’t increase in speed or the vehicle might not move at all.

  • The vehicle may poorly function: it might start out slow even though the engine is racing. Or it might be difficult to get the vehicle into reverse, or into gear at all.
  • Rackets and bangs can indicate problems: the clutch pedal might make noise, or the transmission could make noise while the vehicle is in neutral. You might hear growling or squealing as you depress the pedal or grinding noises as you shift gears.
  • The pedal can give you an indication: it might chatter, pulsate or, vibrate, be rigid and hard to depress, drop to the floorboard and stay there, or feel spongy or connected loosely.

How Often do Clutches Need to be Replaced?

Replacement periods differ by vehicle and the way people drive. Just like brake pads, clutches don’t have a suggested replacement mileage. They will wear down, but some can last well over 100,000 miles.

Can I Drive With a Clutch Problem?

No, it’s typically impossible to drive with a worn or failed vehicle clutch. Although the transmission can be put into gear, the worn clutch disc won’t be able to produce enough torque for the vehicle to move.

Tips to Shopping for a Clutch Repair Shop

  • It’s a good idea to look for a mechanic prior to you actually needing their services. If you do your homework and find a mechanic prior to your vehicle needing service — you won’t be trapped with the first one you find when you need it.
  • Find for repair shops that are ASE certified (Blue Seal).
  • Look for clutch repair technicians that are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

OBD codes related to Clutch Replacement

  • P2853: Clutch “A” Pressure Discharge Performance
  • P2855: Clutch “A” Pressure Charge Performance
  • P2789: Clutch “A” Adaptive Learning at Limit


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