Common Audi Problems

Common Audi Problems

Whereas Audi’s are some of the highest quality vehicles around each manufacturer is going to have problems that can be more common than others.  This post discusses common Audi problems and their solutions.  Many of these problems are commonplace to just about each kind of vehicle and others are more specific to the Audi brand.

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Top 5 Most Common Audi Problems

There is no question that Audis are among the best vehicles on the road today. This luxury vehicle’s excellent standing stems from its reliability, safety, first-rate design, and high quality materials used for manufacturing them. As a matter of fact, it would be safe to say that mechanical issues are quite uncommon with Audis. Nevertheless, likewise to other vehicle kinds no matter how lavish they are, they all go through wear and tear, in which clearly diminishes their quality. If you are an an Audi owner, the following are some common problems that you could face:

Problems with Electrical Elements

Regardless of being of high quality, Audi’s electrical elements are vulnerable to glitches and problems. Non-functioning rear taillights and wavering lights are among a few of the problems that many Audi owners face. The bright side to all of this is that you are able to easily replace these parts with OEM ones. In addition, Audi offers warranties on those elements making sure you won’t have to empty your wallet to get a specific part.

Oil Problems

An Audi’s engine may occasionally leak oil. Every owner should be aware of this problem because oil leaks may lead to dangerous situations, like damaging the electronics or resulting in a fire. Your vehicle will lose oil at an astonishing rate because of the oil leakage, particularly if you don’t realize it for a long period. As more oil leaks, the greater the costs and harm you’ll have to take on. Be sure to always keep checking your Audi for such problems and get them fixed straightaway.

Failing Spark Plugs

This is probably the most common issue with Audis. Failing spark plugs are the main cause ignition failure. You are able to bypass this issue by having OEM spark plugs installed. In addition, remember to have your engine tuned according to factory specs. Fortunately, you won’t need empty your pockets to fix the issue.

Timing Belt

If you maintain your Audi routinely, a lot of its parts will operate as they should. Wear and tear is usually the main reason behind your Audi’s timing belt issues. When you fail to address this issue, there could be an expensive problem on your hands down the road. If the timing belt fails to function or tears when you’re driving, your pistons could end up taking a lot of the damage. Don’t forget to check if the belt is installed correctly, as incorrect installation can lead to quicker degradation.

Peculiar Sounds

In the cases where you notice an unusual sound with your Audi, there could be an issue with the axle CV boot. Meaning that the vehicles axle joint does not have enough grease. Having the complete axle assembly replaced is costly. When you are wanting to reduce some expense, it would be good idea to promptly replace the CV boot as it wears out. It is considerably less costly than rebuilding or replacing the whole axle assembly.

Choosing An Audi Repair Shop

If you’re searching for Audi repair in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley our team at Bridwell Auto Center can help!  We specialize in the repair of Audi’s and understand their systems and common problems intimately.  Having been in business for decades our experience is deep and our training up-to-date with all the newest models of Audi.