Car AC Compressor Repair Costs | Guide

Car AC Compressor Repair Costs

If you’re searching for car AC compressor repair cost you’ve likely got some bad news from a check engine light, dealership service department, or mechanic.  Everyone wants to make sure they’re getting the best treatment and cost when repairing their cars, and AC Compressor repair is no different.

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How Much Do Car AC Compressor Cost?

The AC compressor is a vital element of all car air conditioning system and your vehicle will not cool if it’s broken.  AC compressor replacement costs for parts and amount of labor varies by your make, model, and even year.

Parts & Labor Costs

The cost for auto repair and car ac compressor repair is calculated based on the cost of the part and the hourly rate times the hours it takes to do the job.  While some car owner are tempted to shop for their parts at auto junk yards or re-manufactured parts; you should keep in mind all those parts already have wear and you might be replacing it again sooner than you think.

Part Costs For AC Compressor Repair

The cost of your replacement AC compressor will depend on the make, model, and year of your vehicle.  The cost for AC Compressors can range from $200 to over $1,000 depending on what kind of car you drive.

Labor Costs For AC Compressor Repair

The labor cost to replace your ac compressor is calculated by the hourly rate and how long it takes for your make, model, and year.  The cost of labor when repairing an AC Compressor is usually between $200 and $500 dollars.

Why Does Labor Time Vary?

Labor varies because car manufactures don’t all put the AC Compressor in exactly the same place.  Some AC Compressors are easy than others to reach and replace while others will require removing other parts before the AC compressor can be worked on.  The longer it takes to get to the AC compressor, remove it, and replace it, the more it will cost in terms of labor.

AC Compressor Repair Quotes

If think your AC Compressor has gone out or would like to have your AC system checked call our team.  We offer AC inspections for $39.95 that will identify what’s preventing your vehicle from cooling properly.  Our technicians are highly trained and can perform AC Compressor repair on any make or model of vehicle you own.  From classics to today’s most modern technological marvels we service, maintain, and repair them all!  Call today to schedule your AC Compressor Repair at 480-948-4781.

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