How Much Does Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost?

How Much Does Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost?

On average, wheel bearing replacement costs about $441 in the US for 2020, wheel bearing replacement costs can range from $383 to $498 according to, and other sources.

Labor Estimates for a Wheel Bearing Replacement

Labor costs estimates are between $137 and $173 while parts cost between $246 and $325. Estimate doesn’t include taxes and fees.

Just what is a wheel bearing?

Wheel bearings are a set of steel ball bearings that are kept together by a metal ring that enables the wheels of a vehicle to spin as effortlessly as possible.

Each wheel on the vehicle has its own set wheel bearing, and problems may start with any of them.

Repairs commonly associated with wheel bearing replacement

Brake Pad Replacement – $263-$292

Brake Shoe Replacement – $259-$297

Steering Knuckle Replacement – $692-$737

What are the indicators of a failing wheel bearing?

Some of the more typical signs of wheel bearing issues include:

  • Grinding, grumbling, or groaning noises emanating from the tires or wheels — these noises might also become louder as you make a turn.
  • The vehicle handles more loosely.
  • Wobbling and vibrations felt on the steering wheel.
  • The vehicle pulls to one side when you drive. This can happen randomly.
  • The tires wear irregularly.

If the above indicators are neglected, more serious repercussions can occur:

  • One of the wheels starts to smoke.
  • A wheel falls off the vehicle

How does a wheel bearing work?

A wheel bearing is a component of the rear and front wheel hubs. In the front of the vehicle, the hub attaches the wheel to the steering knuckle of the suspension. The wheel is connected to the hub, and the hub spins effortlessly inside the wheel bearing. This enables the weight of the vehicle to rest on the hub while it spins as it maintains as minimal surface contact as possible.

The vehicle’s wheel bearing gets lubricated with grease for it to further decrease friction. A lot of vehicles have sealed wheel bearings that encase the ball bearings and the grease.

Can I drive with a bad wheel bearing?

The short answer is yes, but not as long as you would like. As the wear advances, so does the chance of damage happening to other components of the suspension.

If you believe that a wheel bearing is starting to wear, have a trained mechanic evaluate the issue as sooner than later. A vehicle with a considerably worn wheel bearing should not be driven. When the wheel bearing totally fails, the wheel could potentially come off the vehicle and cause an accident.

How often do wheel bearings need servicing or replacement?

In a lot of vehicles, the bearings are sealed and don’t need to be maintained. Because the bearings are sealed, they could last up to 100,000 miles or more, and will require replacing once they fail.

Vehicles that have conventional, tapering wheel bearings need have them serviced every 25,000 to 30,000 miles — replacement might not be necessary as long as they’re regularly maintained.


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