Locating Antifreeze Leaks

Locating Antifreeze Leaks

Locating an antifreeze leak is not difficult. Read on to learn more.

  • Firstly driver the car and when it is fully warmed up, park it on a dry and clean piece of pavement or a driveway.
  • Shut the car off and let it cool.
  • After a quarter of an hour look underneath for a puddle of colored fluid that is antifreeze. if you see no puddle but can smell a sweet odor get down and have a look at the underside of the automobile and see if there is something wet or covered in drops of liquid. A/C systems will sometimes form condensation that can leak ground ward but that looks like water, not the colored antifreeze.
  • Inspect for coolant leakage around the cap of the radiator and on hoses as well as the radiator. if a hose is leaking close by a clamp, tightening the clamp may help. If there are no signs of leakage check the engine compartment.
  • If you can sense the odor more inside than outside the automobile, the heater may be the cause. It has a small core that can heat the interior of the vehicle. If the window fogs easily or the carpet is damp, there could be a leak. These are hard to detect as the A/C system is behind the instrument panel.

When The Leak Cannot Be Located

Not finding the leak doesn’t mean there is not a leak, however! After the engine fully cools down, check your vehicle’s coolant level. The coolant-level indicator is on the side of the translucent plastic tank. Most tanks have clear minimum and maximum markings.  If the tank is full, what you are smelling is probably not an antifreeze leak. If the tank’s level is below the minimum mark or it’s dry, you’ve likely got a problem and it is time to consult an expert technician.

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