High-Performance Vehicles: 5 Quick Tips

High-Performance Vehicles: 5 Quick Tips


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1. Improve the performance of your hot rod without breaking the bank.

Installing high-performance gears in your vehicle will help you get the most bang for your buck and eliminate wasted energy as it passes from the motor to the wheels.

2. Boost Your Efficiency Horsepower of the vehicle

Your car, just like you, can run faster if it can breathe! Adding a bespoke cold air intake or high performance exhaust system to your automobile to reduce back-pressure in your engine and assist the vehicle draw in enough cold air is one of the best methods to gain a substantial jump in horsepower.

3. Improve Your Hot Rod’s Handling

Replacement of your factory suspension with a high-performance suspension system lowers your car’s center of gravity and reduces sway when negotiating corners, increasing handling and driving enjoyment. With better suspension and handling, you can keep your performance fast and level.

4. Stopping Power – An Underappreciated Performance Factor

It’s excellent to raise your car’s speed, but don’t overlook the importance of being able to slow down or stop! Four-wheel disc brakes improve stopping force for shorter braking distances before corners, resulting in faster lap times, as well as for those pesky red lights or other drivers who could benefit from a few driving lessons. Brake balancing controllers also aid in the control and coordination of brakes under varying braking circumstances.

5. Custom Performance Chips and New Cars

Install a performance chip in your newer automobile to fine-tune your engine for the application you choose, even if it’s just sheer speed. We use the most advanced software to configure your vehicle’s performance chip at the most competitive prices available. Chips can be set to boost power, improve fuel economy, or do both.

Scottsdale Repair Service

If you want to ensure you will pass on the first try for emissions testing, or if you have already failed and need help repairing your vehicle so it will pass; Bridwell Automotive Center is here to help!  From your daily driver Fords and Chevy’s all the way up to your McLaren or Ferrari our ASE Master Technicians are ready and waiting to help your pass emissions test in Scottsdale, AZ.

Schedule emissions repair or give us a call at (480) 948-4781

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