Freon Costs 2022

With the Arizona heat at an all-time high this summer, there is no better time to refill freon in your vehicle’s air conditioner. Here is a look at the typical freon cost for cars.

When Is A Refill Needed?

Battling the desert heat can be a tough enough task on its own, but when your car’s air conditioning starts to slow down, it means a trip to the mechanic is a necessity. If you’re noticing your car’s air unit slowing down or not working at all, this is likely the result of a loss of coolant or freon. Freon gas, also known as R-22, should not be changed or refilled by civilians, though, because it is dangerous when entering the environment. Only a car professional can refill this gas, so below we have detailed all you need to know about freon pricing.

Freon Prices

Refilling your vehicle’s freon can be a bit costly for customers, but it is essential. An average refill costs about $100-$150. The cost varies based on a few factors. The size of your car’s air AC unit and refrigerant level remaining can cause the price to fluctuate. If the AC unit is smaller, less freon is needed. More gas is needed for bigger units, resulting in a higher cost for a refill. Location and time of year can affect the cost of freon, although it shouldn’t raise or lower the price dramatically. A refill on freon should cost less during the cooler months of the year.

First, your professional mechanic must test the air conditioning to make sure everything is working properly. A leak check must be done before freon can be refilled. Once refilled, that gas should last for several years to come. If, by chance, you need another refill in three or less years, it is likely that a leak has occurred between the valves or hoses.

Freon Uses

Freon is not simply used for air condition units inside personal vehicles. Over the years, the gas has also been used in chest and upright freezers. Many commercial and industrial appliances use freon for the transportation and cold storage in large warehouses. Dehumidifiers use this gas as well.

Freon works due to a system of coils and compressors inside one’s AC unit. When compressed, the gas gets very hot. When freon moves through the coils, though, it creates a very cool liquid. This is a constant cycle for your AC unit in your personal vehicle. When coolant leaks, the AC will cease blowing out cold air, making a repair necessary, especially in the warmer summer months.

Finding out if freon is being used is not a complicated task. By looking at your air conditioner’s nameplate, you should be able to tell whether or not freon is in use. The nameplate will provide information about the unit, which includes electrical ratings and safety certifications. If you cannot find the nameplate or read the information provided on it, contact the manufacturer of the unit.

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