Car Key Replacement Costs 2021

Losing a car key is the ultimate inconvenience. Luckily, these valuable keys can be replaced at many different automotive shops. On average, a car key replacement will cost $200, with a range of $120 to $600 depending on type of key and provider. Continue reading for more details on key replacements.

Car Key Replacement

Of course, key replacement costs will vary based on the car brand. Car key replacements can get expensive with nicer and newer vehicles. According to consumer reports, though, a site called car keys express offers replacement keys for lower prices. These costs generally average around $134. You will have to hire someone to program the key to fit your car’s needs.

Key Replacement Costs

  • Laser-cut keys: $150-$250
  • Switchblade keys: $200-$300
  • Transponder keys: $235
  • Keyless entry remote: $220-$500

Key Replacements For Car Brands

  • Lexus: $374
  • Toyota Prius: $600
  • Ford F-150: $160
  • Chevy: $90-$430

FOB Replacement Cost

  • FOB battery replacement: $10

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