9 Air Filter Warnings You Need to Pay Attention To

Car Air Filter Replacement

Air Filters are essential for the vehicle to operate at maximum capacity, by admitting optimal airflow to the vehicle to keep the engine nice, clean and keeps anything harmful out of sight. Most professionals say that you should be changing your air filter anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 miles, or even sometimes around the 12-month mark. On the other hand, if you live in a populated city. Since there is so much pollution and traffic you should consider changing your filter earlier more around the 6,000-mile marker. In time, the filter will collect dust and become clogged which will impact the way your vehicle operates. Assess the warning signs and dangers ahead of time so you’re better prepared.

Air Filter Looks Dirty

In any case, if your air filter is brand new, it should appear to be white or an off tint of white. Of course, as time progresses it does accumulate dust and dirt, and will eventually turn darker shades in color. When examining the air filter be weary that you view it in the time of day or with a flashlight since dust particles sometimes cannot be seen with ease. Be sure when you next check your air filter that if it appears dirty it probably is which means possibly replacing it and if you need help doing this visit our location for assistance on getting it checked and/or replaced.


Engine Sounding Unusual

When it comes to your engine there should always be an exceptionally smooth sense of a rhythmic hum to it, and especially when the car is moving. Pay attention to your car and if you see or hear the car vibrating, coughing, or noises of possible vehicle slipping that could be an indication of Air Filter issues and rough idling taking place within the vehicle. In short, this condition happens because of the spark plugs being damaged from a clogged air filter.


Car Service Light

The way your car engine works is that it compiles thousands and thousands of gallons of H2o within on single gallon of gasoline to power your vehicle. Meaning that insufficient air can potentially lead to deposits growing on the engine, which also may in turn lead to your cars’ service light turning on. If the car service light does turn on, look at your air filter to see if it’s dirty.


Vehicles Speed (Horsepower) Reduced

This one is not hard to notice, it just takes a keen eye to realize. When driving mentally take a step back to notice the power of acceleration within your vehicle. If your vehicle doesn’t act the way it normally should when you push the gas, and/or if you notice sudden jerking motions, it’s a strong sign that the airflow to your engine isn’t what it needs, and requires some maintenance. If this happens, double-check your air filter and replace it if needed.


Strong Scent of Gasoline

The scent of gasoline usually emanates from a non-sufficient amount of oxygen entering the vehicle’s carburetor or the fuel ejection system when you turn the key over and start the vehicle, the excess fuel leaves unburnt through the exhaust pipes. This is when you’ll start to notice the odor of gasoline emanating from the vehicle, in short means it is the perfect time to replace the vehicle air filter.


Car Mileage

Always be wary of the mileage on your vehicle, as this can be a telltale sign that your air filter is in need of replacement as it impacts your fuel efficiency. This said the engine recoups lost amounts of H2O by having to consume more gasoline to produce the power necessary to move the vehicle. Meaning that by managing a clean tidy air filter, you save on the cost of gasoline.


Engine Misfiring

This is the easiest way to tell that your air filter is dirty. When your engine does not startup or stutters when you turn the key. In short, meaning that the air filter has collected too much dirt that it is restricting the airflow to the engine. This in turn causes an overly rich air fueled mixture. The mixture and causes damage to the spark plugs which cause the engine to misfire or entirely miss. These examples are easily seen when your car sits idle very rough and/or you have basic troubles starting the engine.


Smoke or Flames Leaving Exhaust

Lack of airflow can end up in some of the gasoline not being used or exiting the vehicle through the exhaust entirely. Black smoke is an imminent sign that you really need to schedule an appointment with one of our mechanics to help you either replace or analyze your air filter to see what might be wrong. In other scenarios, you may hear popping noises or see fire spitting out of your exhaust, and this happens due to extra gasoline in the engine chambers being ignited.


Poor Economical Fuel

When it comes to any form of enginery, there always needs to be an abundant supply of oxygen within it in order to create the amount of power needed to run. In any case when air filters become blocked this prevents the correct amount of oxygen to flow into the engine which will consume more fuel in the long run.

On another spectrum when it comes to newer vehicles, they mostly all have fuel injectors in the engine paired with computer software that calculates the airflow into the engine. When it comes to dirty air filters don’t let them ruin the life of your vehicles’ engine, get it checked out, and cleaned up as soon as possible!

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